HEALTH – Weight/Wait watching










This is a bus stop in Rotterdam, when you take a sit you can see your own body weight.
It’s made by health club chain, Fitness First.

Why it’s cool?
No more living in denail about your weight, if you go sit in this bus stop you know directly what your body weight is.
If people see their weight and their not happy with it, it encourages you to change it!

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HEALTH – Water pebble










Water Pebble is a world’s first. Paul Priestman a director of design company Priestmangoode was inspired by a sign in a hotel bathroom to, “Please Use Water Sparingly” and he started developing the concept on his return home.
Waterpebble is unique in the way it works to help reduce water usage. The clever device monitors water going down the plug hole when you shower.  Memorising your first shower and using it as a benchmark, Waterpebble then indicates, via a series of ‘traffic lights’ flashing gently from green through to red, when to finish showering.  Each time you shower Waterpebble automatically fractionally reduces your shower time helping you to save water without needing to think about it.

Why it’s cool?
Now you can take your shower like you normaly do, but much more sustainable.
The water pebble encourages you to use less water each time you shower!

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No longer be ashamed for you hearing aid, with this cool and beatifull looking hearing aid. You can wear it as an accessorie, it’s designed by Ryan Kirkpatrick.

Why it’s cool?
It’s cool because it looks good, and you can not see it´s is an hearing aid,
it looks more like a beatifull earring. Especially for older women with an hearing damage, it´s an great invention.

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HEALTH – Healthcare

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Our life expectancy is getting higher and care expenditures grow faster in The Netherlands. Life expectancy is increasing by three years
to 84 years.
Healthcare spending will increase to 19-31% of GDP in 2040, more and better, but also more expensive care.

There will be a shift in healthcare, care expensens increase, but who is going to pay for these costs? We will probably have to pay for more costs ourselves.

The care sector is going through a time of uncertainty and when this will be resloved is unclear.


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HEALTH – Green smoothies

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You’ve probably seen people of all ages sipping bright green, frothy drinks. And you may have also noticed an epidemic of juice bars and smoothie stores setting up shop in food courts and organic and gourmet supermarkets — even inside gyms.

What gives? You’ve caught sight of the latest food trend: green smoothies. These cold, thick, shake-like concoctions, which are prepared commercially or whipped up at home in a blender, combine leafy greens and fruit with milk, yogurt and other good-for-you add-ins. Devotees tout them as natural, nutritious and above all, tasty.

Why it’s cool?
The green smoothies give you a vitamine boost, they are very nutricious and healthy. Beside of the nutricious part of the green drinks they are also very tasty, the sweet taste of fruit and the calming milk or yoghurt ensures that the unpleasant bitter taste of the green vegetables is overrulled by the sweetness of the fruit.


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APPEARANCE – The naked dress

elle-08-naked-dress-lgn elle-lady-gaga-back-v-xln elle-melody-thornton-v-xln elle-miley-cyrus-h-xln 2014 CFDA Fashion Awards - Arrivals


























The original wearer of the naked dress? Marilyn Monroe. She was known for wearing dresses that made you wonder “am I seeing something I’m not supposed to see?” on several occasions, most notably in Some Like It Hot and when singing Happy Birthday to President Kennedy in 1962.

When Rihanna stepped out in her gown at the CFDA Fashion Awards, she joined the ranks of “naked dress”-wearing celebrities. It’s a very particular group of women wearing dresses not just to show off one of their assets but all of their bodies at once.

Why it’s cool?
The celebrities are making a statement with the naked dress, they show their fans not to be insecure of their body and want the whole world to see it. There is no need to be ashamed of your body.


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APPEARANCE – Leather Fashion

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As fashion-lovers turn toward fall trends, the spring 2014 collections have good news in store. Leather, big for autumn, won’t be leaving the scene any time soon.

Why it’s cool
The leather look makes you feel sexy and irresistible. Leather gives you a high end appearance whether its real or imitation leather.

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