HUMAN MOVEMENT – Lighting earbud

by maudmfj









This is a portable iPod-like device, that delivers 8-12 minute doses of light directly to the brain via your ear canal.
The University of Oulu, Finland, conducted clinical trials of the device earlier this year, that proved the non-visual light stimulates brain tissue, and it increases serotonin, melatonin and dopamine. More recent research is also uncovering some unexpected side effects of the device — improved motor reaction time.

Why it’s cool
Verve Research in Finland conducted a placebo test on the Finnish National Hockey team; half of the team received working Valkee’s, the other half didn’t. Those who received a 12-minute dose of light each morning for three weeks via the headset sped up their reaction times by 20 percent.I thinks this product is cool because it improves your reaction time, so you can achieve better during sports.


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