HEALTH – Green smoothies

by maudmfj

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You’ve probably seen people of all ages sipping bright green, frothy drinks. And you may have also noticed an epidemic of juice bars and smoothie stores setting up shop in food courts and organic and gourmet supermarkets — even inside gyms.

What gives? You’ve caught sight of the latest food trend: green smoothies. These cold, thick, shake-like concoctions, which are prepared commercially or whipped up at home in a blender, combine leafy greens and fruit with milk, yogurt and other good-for-you add-ins. Devotees tout them as natural, nutritious and above all, tasty.

Why it’s cool?
The green smoothies give you a vitamine boost, they are very nutricious and healthy. Beside of the nutricious part of the green drinks they are also very tasty, the sweet taste of fruit and the calming milk or yoghurt ensures that the unpleasant bitter taste of the green vegetables is overrulled by the sweetness of the fruit.


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